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Grandma’s day

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How is the life of an elderly? How does he/she feel? Before I took photos of my grandma, I had no idea and I didn’t even care.  But after I shot and documented her day in life, a new perspective appears and my heart is slightly touched.

My grandma is in 80s with a head of white hair. Once, she changed from a rich and spoiled daughter to a poor and hardworking housewife. Once, she left her family in China to Hong Kong. Once, she had to nurture six children. Once, she was beaten by her bad-tempered husband. Now, she has no more worries because her husband passed away and children own families. The story comes to the life of an old exhausted widow.

My grandma is living with my uncle but came to my home because my uncle left for work. She is a quiet and inactive person; whom day is reading, walking, eating, sleeping, sitting, staring; and repeats. It seems to be boring, simple and meaningless but what surprises me is her enjoyment and satisfaction towards this way of living. I have learnt the word “contentment”.


One thought on “Grandma’s day

  1. I really enjoy enjoy seeing these photos. You have taken the photos with different angles. I want to know more about your grandma!

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