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Memory Master’s Day in Life

Mr Simon Li Kam Fung, 25, is a winner of world memory competitions and an educator teaching people in different ages memory skills. In 2006, he won the title of World Memory Master in the World Memory Championship; this has marked the beginning of his career in memory. He also won the Australian Open Memory Championship in 2011 and 2012. In 2011, he has founded his own company, Crazy Learning.

Our story is to document his day in life. We will record the journey of his day from the brain training and card memorizing, tuition in Crazy Learning to the lecture in local college, which was about his experience sharing of how he overcame the life challenges and established his successful business.

We are strongly inspired by his dramatic life changing experience. Since he has failed in his first attempt in Hong Kong Certificate Examination, after inspired by a card memorizing performance, he determined to learn memory skills. He participated in lots of world memory competitions and he became a famous world memory champion. However, he was attacked in suspicion of stopping him to participate in a competition. Β He was devastated because he was not able to show up in the competition after the loads of hard work, and at that time, his performance would be able to break his own record. After the completing the procedures in the police station, he rushed to the competition venue and got the title of first runner up despite the obstacles suddenly popped up.

We admire his optimism towards life challenges and enthusiasm to his career. His success encourages us not to give up when we come across different hurdles in our life. β€œ I love memory and I love my life,” that is his motto in life.

By Amie, Jennie and me πŸ™‚