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Writing for New Media-Story inspired by “The Garden of Forking Paths”

“Kacha Kacha”

The bedtime story writes at the end, “They live in the garden of Eden ever after.”
In my version, I live in the garden of forking paths ever after.
TIME is the architect, who sometimes cheers or punches me hardly, really hard.


The night secretly came without notice. It grew darker

   and      darker,

                                                                               while my thought fell deeper

                                                                                                                                                          and      deeper.

It was the same color some months ago. It was the same place of nowhere. It was the same that I was waiting for somebody to appear, and I was waiting for the time, a particular time.

It was a woman, the Nth paramours in his life. When the time came, she appeared in a grand sparkling but few covering dress. Then, he stepped out from his car.

I smiled victoriously because I got the right time. But it quickly turned to be a sarcastic smile, then disappeared and left behind misery and anger.

He was a politician, bearing responsibility to form a better government and hope of all people. How come he has so many underground relationship?! Should a leader with poor integrity and family life be an example of youngsters?!


       he was my father. I have never called “father” since birth. I have no father, only a mother, who is his first paramour.

Gently and sweetly, the couple hugged and kissed.

“Kacha kacha…” My camera continuously shot with 1/25 second shutter speed.  I must caught this scene, either for the public interest or my revenge. 

Every photo speaks its own story. Only the time in photos is indefinite.

Accurately, this is my job. I am a REPORTER. I am responsible to report the TRUTH, every truth.

I glimpsed at my watch and prepared myself on the balcony of a restaurant. The man was standing by the road.

He was handsome, even he got old. Twenty five years ago, he was a young CEO while my mother was a student who by chance joined a career boat party. If it was not the coincident second they looked into each other, I would not be on earth.

“Beep!” A car arrived and went out somebody I was waiting for.

My breath suddenly cooled into ice. He was one big head of the triad. What a terrible SHOCK!

“Kacha!” I quickly shot with hidden camera before hearing noises up coming from downstairs.

They went into a room. I hid outside the door. After some time eavesdropping and recording, a man suddenly pushed from inside.

I fell on the ground, rose up and ran before the man started to shout. I covered my injury and kept running until I got on my motorbike. My heart beat quicker than the shutter, but I felt victorious because they could not even see my face.

Blood from my ankle was spilling down the rolling road. I only thought of my MOTHER. Before she died, she was always bleeding. She should not die! It was that terrible criminal man killed her. He gave us the last bulk of money in my last year of high school. After I took the public exam, my good result prompted me to study aboard. Accidentally, my mother got cancer. So I suddenly LOST three important things at one time.

When the midnight came, I settled in the newsroom and started writing this breaking story. I foresaw him sneering by the whole world, regretting in the prison for the rest of his life.

It might be true that DESIRE can drive a tired weak vulnerable flesh to full energy.

When I woke up, it was already noon. I turned on the news channel on television. He was going to the court, so as I.

I stared at him from a kilometer distance, preparing my camera.

“Kacha kacha kacha…”

Unexpectedly, after three second, he fell

                                through my camera lens, and also

                                                                     off my life.

Something or everything in me was                                          falling                                  into                           pi  e   c   e     s. I could not imagine this would be the last time I saw him.

                                                                                                                      He was shot by sniper and dead ridiculously on the court stairs.
TIME is playing with me. The garden is a maze and never ends…