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Story based on Emily Lau’s PC

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Makprofilepic     Emily Lau PC

(Left) Mak Yun-pui advises young candidates to go to the constituencies and work hard.

(Right) Emily Lau Wai-hing asks candidates to work very hard to win every single vote.

Young candidates has to work hard and work long

By Joanna Wong

Fighting the upcoming district council election, politicians advise young candidates to work hard and spend time in their constituencies.

“You have to work very hard to win every single vote,” said Emily Lau Wai-hing, Legislative Council member and chairlady of the Democratic Party (DP). “There is no short cut. You have to go down there and work, not just weeks or months, you have to work a long time.”

Ms Lau has been representing the New Territories East constituency since 1991 and has never lost an election. She said every election is a “tough fight”, and one columnist described her as “wearing stars and moon”, that is working from dawn till dusk.

Dr. Wong Wai Kwok, assistant professor of Department of Government and International Studies at Hong Kong Baptist University, believes greater participation in politics by young people following a series of protests in recent years is a positive phenomenon.

“But age, to a certain extent, has been used as an excuse to condemn the youths without justification,” he added, “I don’t believe you can judge people’s abilities and aspiration according to their age.”

Ms Lau though, admitted that at age 21 years, the DP’s youngest candidate, Sin Cheuk Nam may lack experience and a bit young.

“Personally, ideally, I would like to have more mature candidates who have more experience in society,” Ms Lau said. “But members would support someone who is young but who is very keen and who wants to work hard.”

28-year-old district councilor Mak Yun-pui says building trust is most important for young candidates.

Ms Lau said most of the DP members have worked in the constituencies for two to four years.

Mr Mak has spent two and a half years in Lee On, Shatin constituency before joining the district council in 2011.

In his experience, two and a half years is the minimum time to make some achievements and let voters know the candidate.

His slogan this two year is to “do the utmost”. And he believes that his constituencies can see his works and sincerity.

But he would not say he has done something because “doing something and doing practical things are the basic requirement of a councilor”.

“There is no magic,” Ms Lau said. “You just have to work very hard.”


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