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Women live longer than men in all countries

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By Joanna Wong

Women gain longer life expectancy at birth than men among the 187 countries, according to the latest data made by the United Nations in 2013.

The United Nations defines “life expectancy at birth” as number of years a newborn infant could expect to live. Life expectancy at birth is one of the measurements of Human Development Index (HDI). Other measurements are such as items in education, environment and health.

According to the world map, the countries with higher years of life expectancy have two characteristics, which are more developed countries and mainly located at the higher latitude. Hong Kong is one of them, which 86.4 and 80.4 of female and male life expectancy at birth respectively.

The charts clearly show the upper stage of female life expectancy at birth compared to males. A significant difference of life years is seen between the two sexes, for example the difference of six years in Albania.

Life expectancy at birth is also in relative to human development. However, in fact, female enjoy longer life span than male, regardless countries. The world average age of female life expectancy is 73 years while male is 68 years.

The highest female life expectancy at birth is Japan, accounted for 87 years, comparing 80.1 years of male. The lowest female life expectancy at birth is Sierra Leone, which is 45.8 years compared to 45.3 years of male.


World map

(Buttons represents female life expectancy. Red is 40-59 years. Blue is 60-69 years. Yellow is 70-79 years. Green is 80-89 years. The darker green of gradient color represents the higher HDI rank.)

Scatter chart

Category chart    (can only show first 100)

Gradient map of HDI

Google fusion table

Sources from the United Nations


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