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Freedom breeze

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Freedom breeze I

That dusk I receive the email

Happiness victory gratitude

I feel

The words “successfully accepted”

Change my life


My dream comes true

From my childhood

I long to live aboard

Away from where I belong


Today the air of freedom

With the scent of hope

Blows into my brain

And heart


Under the blue clear sky

I cry


A brand new world

Is waiting

For me

To explore, to enjoy











Freedom breeze II

I live alone

I go to parties,

Festivals, operas

And return late

I buy, shop and eat

I take care of myself


I meet lots of friends

Different skins, cultures,

And sexual orientation

I visit my best ones

And sleep together


I plan my itinerary

I travel alone

Long to places far


And couchsurfing


I have earned many first-times

I open my eyes

On another page of the world



P.S. Prague VS Hong Kong




Next Chapter


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