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Below is a set of multiple choices, which hide my story. Highlight and make the answer visible below each questions. If you take the choices I took on that day, you will find the way out.


  1. It was a Sunday in March. My Czech and Chinese friends invited me to go hiking in Louny, a small town near Prague. I hadn’t decided yet. Until I woke up in the morning, I doubted because

          a. I suffered insomnia last night because of the coffee. So my condition was not suitable for hiking.

          b. I was not so interested in hiking. It is a tiring exercise.

          c. The weather was not good. Although rain stopped, it was still foggy.

A, B, C go to Q.2


  1. The three reasons made me stumble.

          a. I decided to go because of my friends.

          b. I decided to go because I believed the day would be a happy memory in my exchange life.

          c. I waited for a bit longer to see if the weather would be better.

          d. I decided to sleep in the morning and join them in the afternoon.

          e. I did not go because I really felt unwell.


A, B go to Q.3
C, D: “Sorry, you are out!” I could not wait even for a minute. My friends and the bus would not wait for me. And I did not know how to go to Louny.
E: “Sorry, you are out!” Although I felt unwell, I still chose to go.


  1. On the one-hour bus, I fell asleep and got energy. Before we went hiking,

          a. We walked around the Louny village.

          b. We grabbed some food in supermarket.

          c. We visited a church.

          d. We went to the toilet in a cinema.

B: “Sorry, you are out!” Supermarkets were closed on Sunday. All of us had brought food.
A, C, D go to Q. 4


  1. We planned to climb a dead volcano called Oblik. But there was a long way since

          a. We had a big group about 30 people. We had to wait and walk slowly.

          b. It started to rain.

          c. We were walking on road, a trail for car rather than for hikers.

          d. We had to pass through the field.


A: “Sorry, you are out!” Although we had a big group, we kept our pace.
B: “Sorry, you are out!” It was not yet raining.
C, D go to Q. 5


  1. Feeling impatient, we decided to take a shortcut.

          a. We found a shortcut trail.

          b. We walked across the field.

          c. We walked across the forests.

          d. We climbed up the slope.


A: “Sorry, you are out!” There was no hiking trail yet! We made up the trail.

B, C, D go to Q. 6


  1. It was not easy because

          a. Our shoes were trapped in the mud.

          b. We had to push away the tree branches.

          c. We had to aware the wild animals.

          d. We were already tired.

          e. We were thirsty and hungry.


A, B, D go to Q.7

C: “Sorry, you are out!” There were no animals.
E: “Sorry, you are out!” We felt tired rather than thirsty or hungry.


  1. After taking rest on a slope and viewing down the beautiful plain, we finally reached the hill. It came to the most exciting but dangerous part in our trip.

          a. There was no hiking trail.

          b. We climbed with our hands and foot.

          c. The hill was a forest.

          d. The hill had river streams.

          e. It suddenly started raining on our half way and we were all wet.

          f. The hill was as steep as 30 degrees.


A, B, E, F go to Q.8
C, D: “Sorry, you are out!” The hill was a bare grassland with thorns.


  1. Ominous! The trip suddenly turned to be life-threatening.

          a. We went back and down the hill immediately.

          b. We slid down .

          c. We kept up before the rain turned heavy.

          d. We encouraged each other to resist.

          e. We hid under the trees.

          f. We fell down because of the slippery soil.

          g. We got hurt by the thorns, which scratched our skins and clothes.


C, D, G go to Q. 9
A: “Sorry, you are out!” We did not give up. The best and easiest way was to go up to find another trail. And we saw some other people on top the hill.
B: “Sorry, you are out!” It was impossible to slide down the thorns.
E: “Sorry, you are out!” No trees on hill!
F: “Sorry, you are out!” I slipped several times but I held the thorns tight.


  1. Sparing no efforts, we reached the top! The rain and wind blew and hit our faces. Looking down the flatland and greenery, it was peacefully beautiful. Looking up the stormy sky, it was wild and gray.

          a. Nature is amazing. Spend some time and appreciate it, we will find its wonder.

          b. We wanted shortcuts to end those dull things. But keep in mind, shortcuts take risks.

          c. Our goal, the hill, looked to be very close but actually very far.

          d. Process is long but we can always find reasons to enjoy and learn from it.

          e. Some parts in life are hard and painful. We wiped our tears and withstand. When we look back, “How strong we have been!”

          f. Today I earned many friendships. Friends are always important along our life.

A, B, C, D, E, F go to Q. 10


  1. We finally found the “official” hiking trials and returned safely.

Congratulations! You make it! Leave your feelings below or in heart.



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