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Bid Farewell to the Last Urban Walled Village

Glad that my reporters work well in the cover story.

This piece will also be my good memory and end in contributing to TYR.


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Hong Kong’s 30-year relationship with Madonna: it’s complicated


My last story during intern on SCMP. I had been working on it for more than a week-reading the tiny microfiches and searching for her life stories. In fact, it’s strange to act like a big fan chasing for this superstar. I really wonder how a famous person lives. Madonna inspires me to pursue what you want and love. She makes it successfully!

Already get back school, enjoying my last and busy study.

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In art world, zero limitation

Prague Design week reportage

Nov, 2014



By Joanna

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Reporting Taiwan election

IMG_0801Last week, the young reporters went to Taiwan and reported on its presidential election. It has been an unforgettable experience and honour for us to follow on this big news and meet the famous politicians. I couldn’t believe I have a chance to stand before the now-president Tsai and witness her/Taiwan’s victory.

We learn the democracy, political and social situation of Taiwan. We learn to report in a new environment. We learn how to be a good journalist. It’s tough and super tiring, but we made it! Please check our work. (See recent posts)

And several videos are on Storify

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New Years Day in Hong Kong: how we celebrated in 1966 and 1916


It’s really not easy to read newspaper hundred years ago-unclear headlines and leads, packed and tiny words. Patience is what I have learnt as a journalist.

Happy New Year! Let’s say goodbye to 2015 and greet 2016 with a thankful and exciting heart!

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Then and now: How Hong Kong’s Christmas decorations have changed from Tsim Sha Tsui to Causeway Bay


Thanks God! This is my best Christmas present this year. The long and exhausting effort of tracking down the photos’ locations and shooting has not been wasted. But I really enjoy this project! I went back to the Christmas hotspots which I used to go in childhood. I saw how Hong Kong has changed-THEN, the Christmas lights were cute, NOW were fewer and commercial. Merry Christmas!