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This is a Chinese youth mission magazine which I have contributed to:) Each issue introduces different countries and their Christianity situations.


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In art world, zero limitation

Prague Design week reportage

Nov, 2014



By Joanna

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Reporting Taiwan election

IMG_0801Last week, the young reporters went to Taiwan and reported on its presidential election. It has been an unforgettable experience and honour for us to follow on this big news and meet the famous politicians. I couldn’t believe I have a chance to stand before the now-president Tsai and witness her/Taiwan’s victory.

We learn the democracy, political and social situation of Taiwan. We learn to report in a new environment. We learn how to be a good journalist. It’s tough and super tiring, but we made it! Please check our work. (See recent posts)

And several videos are on Storify

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Europe‧Emotions is a collection of memories through poems, stories, texts, photos and videos, which record my exchange experience in Europe.


Seven Chapters:

1, Freedom breeze I & II               (Poems and photos)

2. Magic sky and pure land          (Video)

3. History misery                          (Poem and video)

4. Van Gogh wonderland               (Story and photos)

5. Step or fall                                 (Story in MC game)

6. Love-seeking strangers              (Conversations)

7. The ending not the end            (Facebook posts)


By Joanna Wong

Thank you for reading and watching!


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North Korea, an unpolluted haven

This Easter, the journalist students had a precious chance to experience North Korea. It is such a mysterious territory so this trip open my eyes. One hand, I feel sorry about the limited freedom and wealth of North Koreans. On the other hand, I am jealous of the greenery, their simple and quiet life without worries. Surprisingly, we were treated well during the trip. We could take pictures wildly. We were served with delicious and full meals. The tour guides are nice to chat with. However, we have no way to contact the locals. Facing their blank faces, we are not allowed to speak to them, even if we can, we don’t speak Korean.


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