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Back Home

Upon return to Hong Kong, I didn’t take much rest but was busy tidying up things and travelling. I still provide support to DARDC mainly on edits and designs of communication publications.

Later I joined an event management company which held international medical conference. It was great seeing how our efforts in months turn into a big and important conference, gathered experts across sharing knowledge and germinating new ideas.

Recently, I also involved in CEDAR, a Christian NGO doing development work. I enjoy a lot because through communication channels and products, we aim to raise people awareness on issues such as poverty and social injustice. I have been touched by personal stories from war zones or rural areas, knowing that only Christ intervention human could gain real peace and wealth.

SAT-7 中東基督教電視台香港分享會


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Strengthening Community Resilience on Climate Risks

After SSRI, I have moved to the DARDC Project. It’s my privilege to continue helping the country development and at the UNDP. This Project focuses on disaster risk reduction. I produce and edit a number of communication materials with the help of a local communication colleague. Gradually I have developed my passion and interest on humanitarian and environmental health works which are important to people whose lives are at risk and those who are not able to access to information or have inferior basic living conditions. Despite feeling exhausted, these months are very rewarding experience that has made me grow. While leaving Timor, I still continue support to the Project.



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Building Resilient Small-Scale Rural Infrastructure

Returned to Timor-Leste in mid-April, I started my 4 months commitment as a communication officer for the UNDP SSRI Project. The reason I choose to return is because I can see my contribution/the contribution of UNDP in this country which is something more significant than working in my hometown. Since I am the only communication person in the Project, I have lots of works and in the midst encounter much difficulty, giving me the most stressful time of work. However, I am really proud of the Project which is improving rural livelihoods, and it’s my pleasure to leave some legacy for this closing Project.




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First Exposure to Timor-Leste as a UNV

Through a pilot university programme collaborated by HK government and United Nations Volunteers, it’s my great pleasure and honour to participate as a UNV in Timor-Leste. During six months from July 2016-Jan 2017, being a communication support officer in communication and management support unit in UNDP gave me a brand new experience and opportunity working in overseas, in developing country, in UN system, and in the field of communication. I mainly helped manage the UNDP Timor-Leste media, support different units and projects, and media coverage in events and field. Living in Timor-Leste is also a life-growing experience for me to expose to distinct culture, lifestyle and nature.